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I've been riding bikes all my life. I enjoy being 'out in the open', just me and the highway. Alone with my thoughts. While I put the miles on my new Harley Street Glide, I often think about doing a 'custom build'. So, now that the kids are grown and the house has been remodeled, it's time for another 'me' project.

After the successful completion of my Turbine Boat project, I know I'm ready for another technical challenge. is setup to tell my story; I'm installing an old radial engine (from a real Warbird) in a motorcycle.

I wanted the 'real deal', an old radial engine, not one of those new 'imitations'.

The first task is the gather the major components and get the radial engine running on a test stand. After I learn the 'care and feeding' of my warbird motor, then I'll set it up to run on Fuel Injection.

Then we'll do all the modifications required to get going in a bike.

This is another one of those 'long term' projects. But that's ok; I don't mind working for those things I really want. And my project completion rate is pretty close to 100%; I finish what I start.

I'm just getting started on this project and I'll post more details as I make progress.