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Due to the size of the motor, this vehicle will need to have three wheels.

I plan to use the rear transaxle out of a 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6 car for my trike build. This is an example of what it looks like (hopefully mine will look this good). It features a 5-speed gearbox, integrated clutch, independent rear suspension, and inboard disk brakes, all in a well engineered assembly.

Currently I'm running the engine on the test stand and performing several modifications.

I fabricated a cover for the motor out of an old Drop Tank and warbird engine impeller. This will conceal the oil tank, fuel manifold, and magneto housing. The motor will be mounted facing 'backwards' and this will actually be mounted on the rear cover (which will be pointing out horizontally toward the front wheel). I added the door to allow access to the oil tank filler.

Here the build platform is leveled, rear wheels are set in place, and my 'mock-up' motor is set in place. Those tires are exactly the same diameter as the stock tires on that Alfa Romeo GTV6 car so the gear ratio won't be affected. I'll be gearing the motor to have the same top end as the car does. It will likely have the same shift points too.

The tape measure up front and the straightedge (with 3 little c-clamps on it) is for calculating the 'rake and trail'. After I have a friend check my front end calculations, the motor will need to be moved forward about 24" and the front tire will be supported out off the edge of the platform (clamped in place during fabrication).

Here we have the front wheel, Girder front end, and the actual Kinner engine in place and connected. The exhaust is routed around the front of the motor.

Here is the view from the rear showing the fuel cell cage (for protection in event of collision). The five mufflers are mounted in place. A heat shield will lay over the mufflers to keep the heat away from the fuel cell. The air bag top brackets are clamped in place.

More to follow as I make progress.